The MENA Story

This is an extraordinary story about Mena Loheni and her four daughters - Agnes, Jackie, Gina & Charlene. With all the triumphs and numerous challenges of their journey together, MENA is the enterprise which allows them to be inspired, creative and more importantly, to stay together.

MENA was established in 2002 and began quite simply as a small home business in Samoa to help make ends meet for the close knit Loheni family. Within 5 years, MENA dramatically altered the fashion landscape in Samoa where they are a household name. In 2006, the label set up another base in NZ to assist with the expansion of their outstanding Pacific design and Samoa clothing style. Today the label has forged ahead with growth not only in the South Pacific but also selling their unique range of designer resort wear, Hawaiian dresses and Pacific clothing in Hawaii and Japan. In 2010, MENA was awarded the 'Pacific Exporter of the Year' award.

MENA has a strong focus on the family's Samoan heritage - the family collaboration and sense of unity lies at the heart of what this label is about. Also known as the 'Cradle of Polynesia', Samoa provides an abundance of inspiration for their collections. There is no pretense or arrogance, rather a unique and authentic take of the lush land, seascape and rich culture of their Samoan heritage. The four sisters each have their own individual styles that they bring to their collections, but something that they all agree on is that fashion should be 'adventurous, fun and feminine'.

Their vision is to take their slice of paradise to the rest of the world.

The MENA Look

The collections are inspired by the natural beauty of Polynesia. Lush foliage set in garden line surroundings, nestled between the coral reefs and the rain forest. The use of vibrant colours and bold organic prints are balanced by classic, flattering styles that makes for perfect summer clothing for work,day or evening. Maxi dresses utilize floaty chiffon and soft knits to celebrate the curves and shapes of a woman's body.

Shorter, flirtier party dresses are a flutter of frills, exotic shapes and bold colours that promise to be sure staples in your summer wardrobe and transeasonal pieces for that special winter rendevous. Daring separates make for a refreshing addition to summer corporate ensembles. Each piece from MENA embodies the soul of Polynesia, alluding to the exotic treasures of the South Pacific. One point of difference is MENA's prints - exclusively designed so you won't see them anywhere else. Elegant, sophisticated pieces combined with a sun drenched and sunset palette creates a refreshing statement that says MENA.

The MENA woman is fun-loving, adventurous and ultra feminine.